about the zone

This is a site I made about teeth because I like teeth and want more people to like teeth.

I made this for fun and to learn HTML/CSS. No image here is rehosted on this site, everything you see is a direct link and all images link back to the source when clicked. This is a static webpage, everything was curated and put onto this site manually (more info on that below). If you would like your art removed from this site, contact me with a link to the post.

This site is hosted on Neocities, which doesn't support back-end languages like PHP/Rails/etc, only HTML/CSS/JS. To generate the HTML for this page, I made a spreadsheet of images I like, and made a program that dumps the HTML into a txt file for me to paste into these static webpages. Was there an easier way to do this? Probably. Do I care? A little, but I had fun making it, regardless.

If you have pics of GOod CHompers, please email them to "maw @ rowans dot blog" or dm them some other way so I can put them here. thanks uwu

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